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Multiplayer Steam-roulette

For each player you want to compare with the others enter it's steam ID into the "Add Profile" box above and wait for the avatar to load. Once you entered all the accounts you want to play with click on to the 'Roll' button below to get all the common games listed up and a random one picked of those for you to play.
You can find your SteamID here.

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Team Fortress

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'Alea jacta est' an improtant decision was made. We asked the oracle of delphi and fate choose this game for you to enjoy. Now it's up to you to accept your fate or to ignore the will of the goods and roll again.

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Commonly loved multiplayer-games

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What is this page for?

This page is made to compare your games to the ones of your steam friends. While there is the check-box on the official steam page to display only games you share with one of your friends this page has a lot of advantages. First of all this pages allows you to compare as many friends to your game library as you want. Contrary to the steam page we pick a game for you to play so you don't have to make a choice for your self.

Do I need to enter my steam password to use this service?

Apsolutely not. This website uses purely public informations that can be read from your profile. Infact if you set your Profile to private it will not show anything.

Why do users take so long to be added?

I am really sorry if you are experiencing problems with the wheel. The delay is mainly due to the ammount of data that has to be load via the steam servers, evaluated on mine and sent to you. I am currently reworking the steam roulette and I hope it will get more efficient in future.

What do I have to put inside the user box?

All you need for this page to work is the Steam64 Id of the users account you want to add. You can find out what yours is here: here!