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We paired with Key17 Games to give you the chance to test the demo of 'Undead Legions' before the game is released!

Note this will not convert to a full game once it goes to full release.

Undead Legions - Resurrection

Undead Legions - Resurrection is a fast and frantic 2d top-down Rpg shooter where you can play with and develop four different unique characters that each have their own strengths and special abilities. Progress through dozens of increasingly difficult levels, show off your skills in unlockable arenas, upgrade your gear, and score for global leaderboards.

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Core Gameplay

The game offers fast paced and chaotic shooting fun while still rewarding actual player skill and tactical awareness. There�s a huge variety in the types of enemies you will encounter and an increasing number of unlockable elements available for your support as you progress through the levels, including powerful magic circles that aid you in battle. Level up your heroes and upgrade your gear in order to enter the most challenging stages and arenas.

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The Games Heroes

There are four different heroes that you can play with and level up individually. Each have their own starting gear and a set of special abilities that they can learn at certain points. The Gunner comes with a slow firing, heavy spile gun and uses several types of explosives as a backup, depending on the skills he�ll learn. The Rogue carries a fast firing crossbow and places different kinds of traps, while the Mage relies on flames and fire in everything he does. The Priestess can heal team members and give them useful buffs and thus is a powerful backup character in co-op games. Apart from that, each character has a devastating super-special that you can use tactically when things tend to get out of control.


Building suitable content out of the presented game elements and getting everything to fit together perfectly requires several iterations of content creation, playtesting, balancing, tweaking, and polishing. We don't just want to get the game done, we want Undead Legions to stand out from the crowd and deliver a great shooter that you can come back for and play for months if not years. With your support, we'll be able to continue working full time on achieving this goal and live up to our own expectations.That is why we need your help:
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