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Steam statistics for KittyKatte

as of 21.01.2021, composed by steam-tools.net

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Games not played

You only played 28.51% of the games you ever bought.

You still have about 2,235,168.41 h of unplayed games in your library.

In other words you should not be required to buy any more games until

January 4th, 2049

But until then you will most likely have already bought 27607 new games...

891378.53 h

Total playtime

283.88 h

Playtime per game


Days spend on each game

Time since joining steam

Time spent gaming on STeam >A pie chart of how much of your Lifetime you spent with a steam Game running

Since you created your account
97,748 h have passed.

Based on your Playtime you spent
911.92 % of your time gaming on Steam.

Thats 218.86 h each Day. While on average you spend only 1,1 h a day eating.

Total playtime

28274.15 h

The Banner of the game you played most Most played Game A pie chart of how much of your playtime was spend in the most played game


Rarest achievement

The icon of the most valuable achievement on steam you have
Psycho Logical

Complete a Single Player game in Time Trial mode.

unlocked 4.06.2012 08:40 in 'Dreamkiller'

Oldest achievement

The icon of the oldest unlocked achievement on steam you have
You Run Barter Town

Sell 10,000 caps worth of goods.

unlocked 10.12.2010 10:00 in 'Fallout: New Vegas'

Newest achievement

The icon of the most recently unlocked achievement on steam you have
Flawless victory

Achieve an online ranked victory with 500 victory points remaining in Dawn of War II.

unlocked 10.12.2020 10:38 in 'Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II'

Most worthless achievement

The icon of the most common achievement on steam you have
Ready to play

You started the Game!

unlocked 1.11.2019 13:24 in 'You Will Never Get This Achievement'

Achievements unlocked per week in the last 6 months

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Total achievements


Achievements per day


Achievements per game


minutes playtime per achievement

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