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Steam statistics for h

as of 22.06.2024, composed by steam-tools.net

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Only 0 unplayed Games? That's barely 0%!

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You must have missed a sale.

37% of all Steam games are never installed.

You should therefore buy at least 0 more Games

0 h

Total playtime

0 h

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Time spent gaming on STeam >A pie chart of how much of your Lifetime you spent with a steam Game running

Since you created your account
182,176 h have passed.

Based on your Playtime you spent
0 % of your time gaming on Steam.

Thats 0 h each Day. While on average you spend 1,1 h a day eating.

Total playtime

0 h

The Banner of the game you played most Most played Game A pie chart of how much of your playtime was spend in the most played game

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