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Steam statistics for MisteriosM

as of 17.12.2017, composed by steam-tools.net

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You only played 17.19% of the games you ever bought.

You still have about 25,994.02 h of unplayed games in your library.

In other words you should not be required to buy any more games until

February 1st, 2056

But until then you will most likely have already bought 5351 new games...

5395.93 h

Total playtime

28.25 h

Playtime per game


Days spend on each game

Time since joining steam

Time spent gaming on STeam >A pie chart of how much of your Lifetime you spent with a steam Game running

Since you created your account
69,385 h have passed.

Based on your Playtime you spent
7.78 % of your time gaming on Steam.

Thats 1.87 h each Day. While on average you spend only 1,1 h a day eating.

Total playtime

398.13 h

The Banner of the game you played most Most played Game A pie chart of how much of your playtime was spend in the most played game


Rarest achievement

The icon of the most valuable achievement on steam you have
Altitude Adjustment

Spend 120 seconds using Hydrogen, Spend 120 seconds using Chute Vent

unlocked 21.09.2013 07:43 in 'Guns of Icarus Online'

Oldest achievement

The icon of the oldest unlocked achievement on steam you have
Founding Father

Take one region by conquest, somewhere in the world.

unlocked 18.01.2010 10:56 in 'Empire: Total War'

Newest achievement

The icon of the most recently unlocked achievement on steam you have
Long way down

Throw an enemy off one of the bridges (Mission 8)

unlocked 29.11.2017 08:27 in 'Sniper Elite 3'

Most worthless achievement

The icon of the most common achievement on steam you have

Infiltrate Castle Wolfenstein

unlocked 2.09.2015 17:35 in 'Wolfenstein: The Old Blood German Edition'

Achievements unlocked per week in the last 6 months

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Total achievements


Achievements per day


Achievements per game


minutes playtime per achievement

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