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Steam statistics for PalmDesert

as of 15.02.2019, composed by steam-tools.net

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112,650 h have passed.

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0 % of your time gaming on Steam.

Thats 0 h each Day. While on average you spend 1,1 h a day eating.

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Tank Gunnery Gold

Destroy an enemy tank at 1500 meters with your tanks main gun as gunner

unlocked 28.01.2013 01:14 in 'Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer'

Oldest achievement

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Disciple of the Osmos

Complete all tutorial zones.

unlocked 4.09.2009 06:30 in 'Osmos'

Newest achievement

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Game Install

Fired up the game.

unlocked 28.07.2017 07:38 in 'GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN-'

Most worthless achievement

The icon of the most common achievement on steam you have
Your First Three-Way

This achievement is awarded to those who vote in the Three-Way feature.

unlocked 25.09.2011 10:19 in 'PC Gamer'

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